“If I viral someone or company on social  media, can I be sued?”


I have hired someone to install kitchen  cabinets but the results of their work are not  as promised and they don’t want to be  responsible. So, I made them viral in the  Facebook group so that others don’t become  victims. It is wrong? Can I be sued? I’m stuck. 


Many people think that it is right to go viral  on someone who has done wrong to us on  the grounds that others will not be affected. But it is WRONG in terms of the law. If we  want to take action, use the right channel.  Get advice from a lawyer so you don’t make  the wrong step.

“The biological mother sues her own child  because of inheritance?”


I have received a summons from my biological  mother about the house that was transferred  to me some years ago because of affection but now my mother is denying it. What  should I do? I’m stuck. 


To be honest, we have received these  questions 3 times in 2023. Usually matters  involving inheritance are complicated and get  disputes, especially with siblings. If you have a  problem like this or involving an inheritance,  you can contact us for further advice. 

“Neighbours’ from hell?”


My neighbour installs a CCTV but it’s pointing  at my house, I’m not sure why but this thing  makes me uncomfortable because it’s like  being watched. What can I do? I’m stuck. 


There are neighbours who behave like this.  Busybody to know what his/her neighbour is  doing. You can take action because they have  invaded your privacy. First of all, it may be  possible to talk amicably with the neighbour,  but if there no solution, you can take further  action by send Letter of Demand. Let’s contact us for further advice.

“If you got scammed, can you get your  money back?”


I want to ask if we can get back the money  that was scammed? If we want to take action,  how are we gonna get their personal  information if we do not know? Help me, I’m  stuck. 


This problem always happened. People are  easily deceived by false promises by others  they don’t even know. Wanting to get back  the money that has been scammed is quite  difficult, but we can try by taking legal action. For personal information on scammers, we  can try to search in correct ways. Do you want  to know? Let’s contact us for more  information.

“Biased tenancy agreement?”


I want to rent a house, the landlord prepared  a contract for me to sign, but when I read it,  the contract seemed biased. The advantages  only on the host. What can I do? I’m stuck. 


Before you sign a contract, make sure you  read and understand the contents of the contract first. DO NOT sign a one-sided  contract, or you will suffer and lose. If you are  not sure or understand the terms on the  contract, you can seek advice from a lawyer  to ensure that the contract is fair to both  parties.

“Your business is plagiarized?!”


I have been in business for 5 years. Suddenly  someone has opened a restaurant next to my  restaurant with the same concept, design and menu as my restaurant. This has caused  confusion for customers and detrimental me.  What can I do? I’m stuck. 


I have received this question several times. In  fact, you can take action against those who  plagiarized your business with the intention of  bringing you down and detrimental you. You  can contact us for further advice on this  matter.


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