Cho Youngjin (F) v Lee Say Hin [2022] MLJU 1133, Mahkamah Sesyen Kuching.

The plaintiff (Cho Youngjin) is from Korea and has moved to Kuching, Sarawak. She has opened a

beauty business and appointed the Defendant (Lee Say Hin) as a ‘business partner’, who was

introduced by her uncle.

Their business was going well until a conflict occurred. The Plaintiff stated that the Defendant made

sexual and defamatory messages against her on WhatsApp for over a year. The Defendant sent

obscene pictures and videos to the Plaintiff via WhatsApp.

The Defendant also threatened the Plaintiff not to remove him from the company because the

Defendant would make their company destroyed and cancel the Plaintiff’s and his son’s visas.

The Plaintiff then sued the Defendant in court and claimed damages for sexual harassment, threats

and defamation.

The court found that the Defendant’s messages were defamatory to the Plaintiff. The court ordered

defamation damages of RM50,000.00 for the Defendant to pay to Plaintiff. In addition, the Court

awarded general damages for the offense of sexual harassment and threats amounting to


If you experience the same situation, do not allow yourself to be oppressed by their slanderous

actions against you. Stand for your own right and claim your rights through the right, authentic and

accurate channels!

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