“Accident with stray dogs on the road? Can I take legal action against the city council?”


I have been involved in a road accident with a  stray dog and I have suffered severe injuries.  Can I make a claim to the city council? I’m  stuck. 


Wild animals on the road are not the sole  responsibility of the city council. Road  conditions are responsibility of everyone.  Make sure you drive carefully. However, you  can get a lawyer’s advice if you want to start  any lawsuit.

“Can you sue the third person in your  marriage?”


Can I sue a third person in our marriage? Can  you help me because I am very stuck. 


I get a lot of questions about this. It’s not  impossible, but it depends on the evidence  you have for the allegations. You need to set  up a consultation session with me so that I  can advise in more detail because each case’s  storyline is different.

“Is a pre-nuptial contract valid for Muslim?”


Can I make a pre-nuptial contract with my  partner with certain conditions so that my  partner is bound by the contract. 


Yes, if you are non-Muslim. The contract is  valid. But if you are a Muslim, the contract is  invalid because we are bound by religious  conditions. You want to know more? Let’s  contact us now. 

“One-sided Business Contracts?”


I have a new project related to my business  with a third party. The business contract is  prepared by them and when I read the  contract it seems biased. The advantages only  to them. What can I do? I’m stuck. 


Before you sign a contract, make sure you  read and understand the contents of the  contract first. DO NOT sign a one-sided  contract, or you will suffer and lose. If you are  not sure or understand the terms on the  contract, you can seek advice from a lawyer  to ensure that the contract is fair to both  parties.

“Family fighting over inheritance?!”


I lost my father last month and my late father  left with some property that needs to be  handle of. But the inheritance property  cannot be managed well and got disputes  from other heirs. What should I do? I’m stuck. 


 It’s quite often I got questions like this. Many  families fight over inheritance. This case of  disputed inheritance can be managed but you  must appoint a lawyer because it is a complex  to handle because you do not get the  cooperation of the other heirs. If you want to  know more, you can contact the line below.


Appointment with our lawyer can be done in  three (3) ways: 

• Phone call 

• Online meeting (Google Meet/Zoom) • Meeting at our office 

Our lawyers have 10 years of experience in  solving complex legal problems for people. 

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