Homewrecker was Sued! Check Out This Case!   Tan Su Lin (P) v Andrew Lim (L) (Mak Nguoy Yee (P), third party)  

[2018] MLJU 809  

A single divorce petition filed by wife against the husband seeking an order for the dissolution of their marriage, custody, care and control of the children of the marriage, monthly maintenance, division of assets acquired during the marriage and cost. As against the 3rd Party, wife is seeking damages for causing the breakdown of the marriage.  

The 3rd Party in her reply denies the allegation by wife and pray that the prayers by wife be dismissed with cost. Upon perusing all the evidence, relevant cause papers the court made the following orders:-  
i. the custody of children is awarded to the wife.
ii. wife and husband each retains one property and the third property is to be sold off and the net proceeds to be divided equally.
iii. husband is to pay a monthly maintenance amount of RM4,500.00 (RM1,500.00 for each children)
iv. husband is to pay monthly maintenance of RM2000.00 as maintenance of the petitioner wife from the date of this order until she remarries.
v. The breakdown in the marriage started with the presence of the third party and the third party is liable and ordered that she pays to the petitioner wife a sum of RM100,000.00 in damages and cost of RM10,000.  

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